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HeartSine 500P Semi-Auto Defibrillator External Gold Package

As Low As £1630.00

HeartSine 500P Semi-Auto Defibrillator External Gold Package

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As Low As £1630.00
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Sudden cardiac arrest can occur at any time, and the longer it goes untreated, the lower the chance of survival gets. Prepare your premises and staff to use HeartSine AEDs in the event of an emergency with the Gold Package featuring an AED, external heated cabinet and training materials

  • The HeartSine Samaritan 500P Semi-Automatic AED is an easy to use defibrillator that features clear audio prompts to the user during operation, and guides them through CPR with clear instructions after the shock has been administered
  • The AED will analyse heart rate once the pads are attached to the patient and prompt the user to deliver a life-saving shock at the press of a button if necessary. The unit also analyses the speed and power of the compressions during CPR and makes suggestions to the user for adjustments such as pressing harder, or faster
  • Supplied with a durable and sturdy Rotaid Solid Plus External AED cabinet that protects your AED and displays it prominently on an exterior wall, perfect in outdoor public locations like holiday parks and sports stadiums. The unit has LED lighting and a heating pad that ensures that your AED is accessible any time and the battery isn’t damaged during inclement weather
  • The Rotaid cabinet can also optionally be alarmed, to alert others when the cover is opened and the AED is in use
  • The hard-wearing, weather resistant Rotaid informational back board helps to provide a visible and memorable location for supplies and give vital instructions during an emergency
  • The Gold Package also includes an AED prep kit to allow the user to properly prepare the sufferer for defibrillation, A5 and A4 informational posters to display alongside the AED and a USB memory stick with instructional videos and materials to help train you and your staff in how to save lives using an AED
  • To see a copy of the AED instruction manual, please click here
  • Please note that this product is subject to a 4-6 week delivery time

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PMC10457 - HeartSine 500P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator External Gold Package

Description HeartSine 500P Semi-Auto Defibrillator External Gold Package
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