First Aid Cabinets & Stations

HSE Compliant Locking First Aid Cabinets

Sturdy HSE compliant First Aid Cabinet keeps supplies secure

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BS8599-1 Compliant Locking FA Cabinets

Available with either small or large BS8599-1 compliant contents

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Empty Locking First Aid Cabinet

Securely store your non-pharmaceutical supplies in this convenient cabinet

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Double Door First Aid Cabinets

Ideal for medical rooms & manufacturing environments

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Bristol Maid First Aid & Clinical Reagents Cabinets

Perfect for storing first aid supplies or clinical reagents

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First Aid Storage Cupboards

Built to last, made from welded sheet steel for added durability

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Budapest Metal Wall Cabinet

Large capacity cabinet perfect for first aid storage

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Wallace Cameron First Aid Station

HSE compliant central location for essential first aid supplies

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Cederroth Double Door First Aid Cabinet

Provides premium quality contents stocked in a long-lasting case

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Cederroth Mini First Aid Cabinet

Recommended for small workplaces or to complement other first aid equipment

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Cederroth First Aid & Burn Station

Highly recommended for kitchens and other catering environments

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Cederroth First Aid Station

A compact design containing a range of first aid equipment

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Metal Wall Cabinet with Glass Door

Safe and secure storage for medical supplies & equipment

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Ideal storage for first aid supplies and provide a useful focal point for all your first aid essentials, allowing easy access when they’re needed. Supplied empty or complete with a comprehensive first aid kit. More cabinets including Controlled Drug Cabinets can be found by clicking here.

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