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BD Micro-Fine+ 29G, 1ml Insulin Syringes

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BD Micro-Fine+ 29G, 1ml Insulin Syringes

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As Low As £10.76
Description Specification

Graduated in 2 unit intervals, for doses over 50 units

  • Providing a simple and safe way to inject medication into the blood stream
  • Syringes are lubricated which can give a significant improvement upon injecting, minimising patient discomfort
  • Needle is designed with a sharp edge that can penetrate the skin easily, requiring less force when pushing the injection plunger
  • Needle also has a thin wall technology which can improve insulin flow rate
  • Supplied in bags of 10 sterile individual insulin needles and syringes

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PMC3743 - BD MicroFine U100 Syringe & Needle 29G 1ml Box 10

Dimensions 12.7mm
Gauge 29G
Capacity 1ml
Pack Qty 10 x 10 Needles
1 - 3 £10.96
4 - 6 £10.88
7+ £10.76
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