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Clinell Rediair Air Purifier

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Clinell Rediair Air Purifier

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As Low As £614.99
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The instant and only solution you need to help reduce allergies and stop the spread of flu, Covid-19 and many more viruses and germs. The Rediair air purifier delivers clean air and removes 99.995% of airborne particles. No need to keep windows or doors open, the Rediair is all you need to get instant air purification in any room!

  • Simple and quick to set up. Instantly delivers out clean air and traps ultra-fine particulates, giving a room instant air purification and preventing airborne pathogens, pollen and odours from lingering in poorly ventilated spaces
  • Use all year round in schools, care homes, hospitals or your own home
  • The Rediair Purifier uses two advanced high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) 14 filters to trap individual bacteria, fungi and viral aerosols down to 0.3 micrometres in the surrounding air. The Rediair air purifier reduces the inhaled dose of respiratory pathogens by a factor of 6
  • Removes 10 times more particles than domestic H13 air filters and offers effective ventilation for rooms up to 120 m²
  • Filters begin to work only seconds after activation and are 10x more efficient than HEPA 13 filters, which are found in typical domestic air purifiers
  • Features a dual-intake filtration system, allowing the purifier to deliver up to 600m3 of clean air per hour and clear 90% of particles in a room within 20 minutes
  • Twin side intakes and 3 layers of filtration ensure that the air purifier produces an even reduction in airborne particles throughout any given space
  • Ultra quiet dual fan system allows the air purifier to operate at lower fan speeds, producing far less noise while in use than purifiers with single fan units
  • Please note there may be up to a 1 week lead time for this product

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PMC10817 - RediAir filtration machine

Description RediAir Air Purifier
Dimensions 400 x 669 x 400mm
Pack Qty 1 Purifier
1+ £614.99

PMC10818 - RediAir filter kit (1 pair of replacement filters)

Description RediAir Filter Kit
Dimensions 295 x 406 x 60mm
Pack Qty 1 Pair
1+ £165.00
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