Sterile Needles

Combined Needles & Syringes

Sterile syringes all including needles for ease of use

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BD Microfine Needles

High quality needles - available in 21g, 23g and 25g sizes

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Terumo Sterile Needles

Terumo Agani needles are extremely sharp and reliable

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BD Venflon Pro™ Peripheral IV Catheters

Improved insertion increases first stick success, reducing risk of thrombophlebitis

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Classic Plus Acupuncture Needles (Pack of 100)

High quality needles - avaliable in packs of 100

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BD Safety-Lok Blood Collection Sets

Safety at the push of a button, with or without luer adaptor

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Infusion Cannulae

Sterile cannulae for administering IV treatments

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Terumo Surflo Winged Infusion Sets

Our best selling winged sterile butterfly infusion needles

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Featuring market leaders Terumo and Becton Dickinson, our range of sterile needles are designed to make procedures as pain free as possible. All our needles feature super sharp tips which ensure that the transition in to the body is as smooth as possible. We also have a range of phlebotomy products which ensure that removing blood is as equally pain free.