Patient Wipes

Conti Flushable Dry Patient Wipes

Proven to be safe to flush, minimising the risk of blockages

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Carell Personal Care Wipes

For patient use to keep themselves & their immediate area clean

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Conti SoSoft

Robust material remains strong during use, whilst remaining gentle on skin

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Conti Standard Dry Wipes

Designed to be patient & budget friendly – soft & great on sensitive skin

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Conti Soft Patient Wipes

Soft wipe is incredibly gentle and will not damage sensitive skin

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Conti CottonSoft

Highly absorbent, for heavily soiled skin & removing faecal waste

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Conti Standard Plus

Same softness as Conti Standard, but with extra bulk for longer use

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Conti SuperSoft

For extremely delicate, sensitive skin, such as children & elderly

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Clinell Contiplan Wipes

All in one patient wipes to cleanse, moisturise and protect

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Conti Patient Washcloths

Extra strong, super absorbent wipes suitable for patient washing

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Hygea® Hands & Face Personal Washcloths

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested patient care wipes that are kind to the skin, leaving it clean and fresh

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We have a wide variety of wipes for you to choose from, including popular Conti Dry Patient Wipes, Clinell Patient Wipes and Oasis Moist Cleansing Wipes.

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