Reusable Gloves

Flock Lined Nitrile Gauntlets

Good protection against a wide range of solvents and chemicals

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Household Rubber Gloves

Household 'Marigold' style rubber gloves with a soft inner lining

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Marigold Extra Life Kitchen Gloves

Extra life kitchen gloves from leading brand Marigold

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EcoLiving Latex Rubber Gloves

Ecoliving natural latex rubber gloves for general cleaning

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Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Work Gloves

Gloves featuring germ and virus fighting technology

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Marigold Longer Bathroom Gloves

Long cuff bathroom gloves provide further protection for messy jobs

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Marigold Extra Tough Outdoor Gloves

Protects against most common weed killers, pesticides & fertilisers

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Sharps Handling Gloves

Offering unrivalled protection for a variety of sharps and needle disposal applications

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Ansell AlphaTec 87-195 Chemical Resistant Gloves

Reusable natural rubber latex gloves with chemical & liquid protection

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Play and Work Gloves for Children

Protect children's hands whilst playing in the garden or in sand pits

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Polyco Maxima™ Heavy Duty Black Rubber Gloves

Heavy duty flock lined natural rubber gloves for chemical protection

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Taskmaster™ Latex Gauntlets With Cotton Liner

Durable natural latex gauntlets with a soft cotton interlock liner

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Chemprotec™ Unlined Black Rubber Gloves

Provide protection against a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents

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SKYTEC i-con™ Coloured Nitrile Gloves

Colour coded nitrile gauntlets with exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents

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Cotton & Polyester Gloves

Quality cotton and polyester gloves ideal for treating skin conditions

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Showa 731 Biodegradable Flock Lined Nitrile Gauntlet

100% biodegradable nitrile gauntlet that is engineered using Showa's Eco Best Technology®

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Skytec Digit 1 Gloves

Lightweight, durable glove enables precise handling in applications necessitating open fingertip contact

£2.30 More Info

Our range of high-quality and reliable Protective Clothing ensures that you have the correct level of protection whether in contact with extreme hot, cold or at risk of needle or sharps injuries.

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