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Fire Safety Risk Assessment Book - Factories & Warehouses

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Fire Safety Risk Assessment Book - Factories & Warehouses

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As Low As £35.00

Follow government fire safety risk assessment guidance to ensure adequate measures on your premises are in place to prevent a fire, and that correct fire protection measures are taken.

This Fire Risk Assessment Book is for all employers, managers, occupiers and owners of premises in England and Wales where the main use of the building is a factory or warehouse.

  • Expert guidance tailored for factories and warehouses - offers tailored solutions to address fire risks specific to your industrial environment, including large and small factories, manufacturing warehouses, storage warehouses, and factories with warehouses
  • Follow legal compliance guidance set out in the Fire Safety Regulations in accordance with the fire safety legal provisions within section 156 of the Building Safety Act 2022
  • Ensure clear risk assessment checks are recorded using templates provided in the book, saving time and resources
  • Comprehensive overview of fire risk assessments to be taken on your premises
  • Clear guidance on fire precautions to refer to during fire risk assessments
  • Proactive risk mitigation to identify potential fire hazards before they escalate, allowing pre-emptive measures to be taken to safeguard your premises, assets, and personnel
  • Comprehensive coverage from fire prevention strategies to emergency response protocols, this book covers every aspect of fire safety, ensuring thorough preparation
  • Peace of mind assurance knowing you have a reliable resource at your fingertips to navigate fire risk management effectively
  • Compact A4 size book

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AEC8766 - Fire Risk Assessment Book - Factories and Warehouses

Description Fire Risk Assessment Book - Factories and Warehouses
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