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Workplace BS8599-1 Critical Injury Point

As Low As £117.50

Workplace BS8599-1 Critical Injury Point

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As Low As £117.50
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Easy to identify focal point, designed to store essential critical injury first aid to stop catastrophic bleeding

This comprehensive Critical Injury Kit will provide immediate and effective assistance to stop life-threatening bleeding before professional medical services arrive

  • Create an easy to identify focal point to ensure your Workplace BS8599-1 Critical Injury Kit can be easily accessed
  • Provide immediate response to stop severe bleeding and enhance chances of recovery, this kit could help stabilise a casualty before receiving medical attention
  • Rapid treatment to stop blood loss, unique Celox Haemostatic Granules form a robust, gel-like clot to effectively stop bleeding in a matter of minutes
  • Increase safety in businesses and public areas, ideal for use in dangerous sites with any hazards such as machinery, equipment, sharp or moving objects
  • Designed to supplement basic BS8599-1 first aid kits and fully compliant with BS8599-1 for workplace critical injury provisions
  • Supplied with all wall mount fixings and simple to install. Points measure 500 x 380 x 70mm and are made from durable rigid plastic
  • This kit can be used by staff or members of the public in extreme emergencies
  • The Health and Safety Executive state, following a risk assessment: “First aid provision must be 'adequate and appropriate in the circumstances'. This means that you must provide sufficient first aid equipment (first aid kit), facilities and personnel at all times”.

Workplaces, premises, facilities or sites with any hazards such as machinery, equipment, sharp or moving objects which could cause critical injuries such as major bleeding must have first aid provision to treat them.

The simple and small investment of adding bleed control kits to existing first aid provisions helps bridge the ‘care gap’ and could save lives.


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AEC9066 - Workplace BS8599-1 Critical Injury Point - Soft Case

Description Workplace BS8599-1 Critical Injury Point - Soft Case
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