Dependaplast Plaster Dispensers

As Low As £7.99

Dependaplast Plaster Dispensers
  • Wall mounted plastic dispenser can hold 2 wallets of plasters
  • Plasters are readily available from the dispenser with one side of adhesive
  • Refill wallets are easily inserted into the dispensers for fast replenishment
  • Plaster types may be mixed to provide a wider array of treatments
  • Plasters are dispensed with one side of the adhesive surface, ready for immediate use
  • Choose from a range of refills
    • Washproof Refill Wallet: 27 - (72x19mm), 18 - (72x25mm)
    • Fabric Refill Wallet: 24 - (72x18mm), 16 - (72x25mm)
    • Blue Metal Detectable Refill Wallet: 21 - (72x19mm), 14 - (72x25mm)
  • Can also be used with Cederroth dispensers