Glow In The Dark BS8599-1:2019 First Aid Kits

As Low As £24.10


Ensure your first aid kits stand out in low light conditions or during power cuts

  • Our best-selling first aid kit updated with glow-in-the-dark labels to make them easier to find in dark conditions
  • Ensure your first aid kits comply with the legal requirement to be clearly marked and accessible at all times, including at night or during a power cut
  • The ability to quickly identify a first aid kit during an emergency, even in low light, will reduce feelings of panic and will ensure first aid can be quickly administered to those in need
  • Supplied complete with fully compliant BS8599-1:2019 contents – includes everything you may need in a first aid emergency
  • Available in three sizes: Small, Medium or Large – Choose the perfect size to suit your needs
  • Glow in the dark kits charge themselves by normal light, both natural and artificial