Bandages with Dressings

Ambulance Dressing

Extra thick dressings provide compression to more serious wounds

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Value Aid Sterile Eye Dressings

Great value dressings specifically designed for treating eye injuries

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Steropax Sterile Dressings

Used by paramedics, nurses & the military for the dressing of wounds

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Value Aid Sterile Dressings

Highly absorbent, soft wound pad protects wounds against infection

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Blue Sterile Dressing

Blue dressing visually detectable suited for catering applications

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Steropax Plus Dressing

Superior absorbency compared to standard dressings

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Value Aid Quick Fix Eye Bandage

Quick & easy to apply bandage with oval pad for eye injuries

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Value Aid Quick Fix Finger Bandages

Sterile stretch finger bandage with an absorbent pad

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Wallace Cameron Dressings

Flexible dressings made from a premium, soft woven material

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Traumafix Military Field Dressings

Effective treatment of major bleed traumas

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Bandages complete with sterile wound dressings to prevent infection and aid healing, as well as speed up treating a patient. All products are sterile wrapped and come in a variety of sizes and pack quantities.

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