Ansell Microflex 93-260 Nitrile & Neoprene Gloves

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Description Specification

Provides tough chemical protection with impressive permeation breakthrough times often outperforming competitors

  • The glove’s unique, triple-layer construction features a soft interior specifically designed to enable easy donning and doffing
  • Flexible middle layer delivers maximum protection against acids and bases
  • Durable exterior layer delivers maximum protection against organic solvents
  • Stands up longer to demanding physical and chemical conditions, resulting in less frequent changes
  • Made with an innovative nitrile and neoprene composite material, measures only 7.8 mil (0.19 mm) thick and delivers all the benefits of a single-use, splash resistant glove
  • Extra soft material and ergonomic design for outstanding fit, dexterity, comfort, feel and flexibility for longer wear time
  • AQL of 0.65 and extended cuff for reliable protection against hazardous substances
  • Chemical Resistance: EN374-1:2016: J K L O P S T (Type A) / EN374-5:2016
  • Comply with EN421 - protective gloves against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination

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