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LuxaScope Auris LED 2.5v Otoscope

As Low As £61.00

LuxaScope Auris LED 2.5v Otoscope

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As Low As £61.00
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Innovative battery operated pocket sized otoscope giving clear visibility with adjustable light setting

    The Luxamed Auris LED Otoscope allows healthcare providers to examine the ears, aiding in both routine check-ups and diagnosing ear-related symptoms

    Featuring cutting-edge LED-ring technology to illuminate the ear canal and eardrum with precision. Swivelling 3x magnifying glass with locking mechanism and illuminating dimmable LED-Ring with 6 LEDs (concentric), no fibre optic and field of vision is not restricted

    Otoscope Includes 20 x disposable Ear Funnels (10 x 2.5mm and 10 x 4.0mm)

  • Innovative Otoscope
  • Pocket-Sized
  • Protected by utility patent DE202013104278U1
  • Light Intensity Regulator. Can be dimmed
  • Optimised Head Design
  • Pocket LED otoscope
  • Lighting: LED ring with 6 LEDs
  • 2-component handle (materials: aluminium and fibreglass reinforced plastic)
  • Available in black, grey, white and blue
  • Battery Operated
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AEC8732-BLK - LuxaScope Auris LED 2.5v Otoscope - Black

Description LuxaScope Auris LED 2.5v Otoscope
Colour Black
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