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Tourniclip Quick Release Tourniquet

As Low As £1.35

Tourniclip Quick Release Tourniquet

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As Low As £1.35

Reusable quick-release tourniquet for emergencies when controlling the circulation of blood

  • A “non-pinch” design: this improves user comfort
  • May be quickly applied: And removed without discomfort to the patient
  • Simply place the tourniquet around the limb: You can connect the buckle clip and pull to tighten. It can be unfastened with the press of the clip button
  • Reusable, quick and effective
  • Latex free: Material design reduces irritation risk

Your swift solution for first aid for blood control emergencies. Designed for rapid application and effortless removal, its user-friendly and latex-free design ensures immediate, secure control to manage bleeding effectively.

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AEC8700-BLU - Tourniclip Quick Release Tourniquet

Description Tourniclip Quick Release Tourniquet
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