BD Vacutainer Tubes

As Low As £15.25

  • Designed for use with the BD Vacutainer blood sampling system
  • Available in a range of sizes and gauges
  • Supplied in packs of 100
  • BD Vacutainer Serum Tubes are used to obtain a serum sample
  • The additive silica has been sprayed onto the inner walls of the tube to accelerate the clotting process
  • Available in a range of colours for differentiation
  • Click here for Vacutainer PrecisionGlide Multi-Sample Needles
  • Please note that PMC0343 and PMC0346 are NOT recommended for use with Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare assays employing the Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (AVS) methodology or any other assay employing ASV methodology