Derma Shield Barrier Cream

As Low As £7.25

  • Unique innovation that transcends traditional barrier creams
  • Provides efficient, cost effective skin protection
  • Once applied, Derma Shield creates a breathable shield which moisturises, nurtures and defends skin for up to 5 hours, even after repeated washing
  • Supplies both everyday and emergency protection against many irritants and chemicals
  • Perfect for industrial environments - Derma Shield provides protection against dirt, grease, strong odours, ink, oil, dye, glue, paint and plenty more
  • Derma Shield only contains medical grade ingredients, does not contain fragrances, and is completely non-toxic - it has been successfully used by sufferers of many general skin irritation conditions
  • Highly economical - based on average usage, one 500ml lasts for approximately 14 months!
  • Easy to apply - simply rub in a golf ball sized amount into dry, clean hands and your skin is protected within 5 minutes