GDPR Compliant Visitor Book

As Low As £17.25


Demonstrate your commitment and awareness to data protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

From 4th July 2020 the hospitality sector, including restaurants, pubs and cafes can reopen as part of an easing of the coronavirus lockdown measures

This visitor book will help businesses within the hospitality sector to keep a temporary record of its customers and visitors whilst remaining GDPR compliant

A 21 day record of customers and visitors is a requirement of any business within the hospitality sector that plans to reopen, as it will be used by the NHS Test and Trace scheme to help contain any outbreaks of coronavirus in the future

  • Keep track of visitors on your premises whilst keeping personal data secure
  • The A4 visitor book contains 100 securely duplicable badge inserts, the top white copy for your visitors to display, protected by a green security sheet for confidentiality and a duplicate yellow NCR copy retained for your visitor records. Ensure your visitors sign out on the “time out” sheet to keep your visitor book up to date
  • GDPR compliant, suitable for use in any building or workplace setting
  • Available with a burgundy leather look PVC cover, finished with gold corners
  • Professional and elegant design for that first impression
  • 10 visitor passes per page, 100 passes in each refill (each pass measures 90 x 60mm)
  • Simply tear out each visitor pass and place in a wallet with a lanyard for quick identification of visitors around your workplace
  • General health and safety visit requirements on the back of each pass
  • Clear visitor number system ensures records can be kept easily
  • Available as a complete set or standard refill book
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