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COVID-Secure Workplaces

Latest Data from HSE and Public Health England on COVID-Secure Workplaces

Keeping workplaces COVID-secure when working from home remains a significant challenge for organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The HSE received over 134,000 thousand COVID-19 related complaints in the last year, with 4,000 in January alone. This applies to all workplaces; however offices have been particularly badly affected. Public Health England data recently obtained by the BBC revealed there were more than 500 outbreaks, or suspected outbreaks, in offices in the second half of 2020 - more than in supermarkets, construction sites, warehouses, restaurants and cafes combined. More than 60 suspected COVID outbreaks in offices were recorded in the first two weeks of the current lockdown in England.

If it is not possible for workers to work from home, there are several things that businesses can do in order to remain COVID-Secure depending on their risk assessments. These include: