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CareBag Vomit Bag with Super Absorbent Pad

As Low As £16.95

CareBag Vomit Bag with Super Absorbent Pad

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As Low As £16.95

Specifically designed to replace the traditional emesis basin and can be used by children or adults

  • Housed in a convenient dispenser box, the individual bag absorbs fluids in seconds and confines odors
  • When closed and tied, the vomit bag eliminates clean-up associated with disposable or reusable emesis basins
  • Reduces risks and costs associated with HAI
  • Eliminates odors when completely closed
  • Reduces storage space and saves personnel time
  • Reduces costs and eliminates an unpleasant task for personnel
  • Minimizes personnel exposure to body fluids and waste
  • Ready-to-use

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PMC0947 - Care Bag 'Vom' Sick Bags

Description Care Bag 'Vom' Sick Bags
Pack Qty 20 Bags
1 - 5 £19.25
6 - 7 £18.45
8 - 9 £17.90
10+ £16.95
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