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Clinell Spill Wipe

As Low As £4.80

Clinell Spill Wipe

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As Low As £4.80

Simple, quick and highly effective method to deal with body fluid spills.

Replacing traditional chlorine-based spill kits which are time consuming and hazardous to use with this quick all-in-one spill wipe.

It's exceptionally easy to use and will not only reduce incidents of pathogen transmission but also increase your compliance in this necessary, yet often neglected infection control procedure.

  • Super absorbent wipe soaking up to 1 litre of liquid
  • Proven to kill known microorganisms associated with blood, urine and faecal spills
  • Easy and safe disposal of soiled wipes
  • Reduce incidents of pathogen transmission by generating peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide on activation
  • This formula is also safe to use on urine, unlike traditional chlorine-based products making it safe to use in patient areas
  • Packaging is designed so that all the items, including protective clothing, can be disposed of in the resealable bag
  • Pack contains:

    1 x absorbent peracetic acid generating pad, 2 x large disinfectant wipes and 1 x resealable bag for easy safe disposal of waste after use.


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