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Bodily Fluid Spill Kit

As Low As £64.00

Bodily Fluid Spill Kit

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As Low As £64.00
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Easily identify your body fluid clean up kits during incidents with GV Health's highly visible biohazard spill kit to ensure areas are safely and quickly cleaned, disinfected and decontaminated.

  • Designed to cover all types of Biohazard and Body Fluid Spills
  • Easy identification during incidents, spill kits stored in a lightweight vivid yellow case to give increased visibility
  • Easy to use and safe for use by non-specialist staff
  • Supplied with full essential protective wear to ensure all items are present when opened to safely clean up spills
  • Compact kit allows portability and neat storage to ensure easy accessibility
  • Blood spill kits are designed to disinfect areas to reduce risk of cross contamination - Solution proven to be fully effective and kill known microorganisms associated with blood-borne pathogens and Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Urine and Vomit Spill Packs are designed to clean and decontaminate areas where spillages of urine and vomit have taken place
  • Ideal for care homes, schools, veterinary practices and first aid personnel offices

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PMC10902 - Bodily Fluids Spill Kit

Description Bodily Fluids Spill Kit
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