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Sanitiser Sentinel PIR Motion Sensor

As Low As £23.00

Sanitiser Sentinel PIR Motion Sensor

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As Low As £23.00

Looking to tighten up your company’s infection control protocols?

The Sanitiser Sentinel PIR Motion Sensor provides an audible reminder designed to attract and encourage people to use hand sanitiser.

Place above or near sanitiser stations throughout your workplace and the sensor will detect when people are passing then give them a verbal prompt to sanitise their hands.

  • Audible reminder to sanitise hands to reinforce infection control protocols
  • Place above sanitisers or near an existing dispenser
  • Built in motion sensor detects people when passing a sanitiser station
  • Impossible to ignore – when the motion sensor is activated, a voice message is played aloud and lights flash on the underside of the unit to highlight the dispenser
  • Customise the sensor area with the IRIS accessory shield to isolate specific areas
  • Safeguard against viral or bacterial infections such as coronavirus
  • Provides over 200,000 operations when in voice and light combination mode on one set of
  • 26 pre-recorded messages in 20 languages
  • Save more with our new Sentinel Talking Sanitiser Dispensing Systems complete with a sanitiser dispenser, hand gel and sign.


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PMC11111 - Sanitiser Sentinel PIR Motion Sensor

Description Sanitiser Sentinel PIR Motion Sensor
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