Elastoplast Antiseptic Wound Spray

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Description How To Use

Antiseptic spray for wound cleansing by mechanical irrigation

  • Easy to use spray irrigates minor acute wounds like cuts, abrasions, minor burns and open blisters to remove dirt and bacteria that may cause infection
  • Pain-free* antiseptic formula helps to kill bacteria and ensure that the wound heals effectively
  • Alcohol-free, so it doesn’t cause a stinging sensation or dry out the skin on application. A gentle and effective way to irrigate wounds and support the healing process
  • Skin-friendly, colourless and odourless, suitable for both adults and children
  • Handy 100ml spray bottle works at any angle and is ideal for taking on the go, during sports and more

*PMCF-Study, 95% agreement “Wound Spray is pain-free to use”, n=59, Freese R, Physician, principal investigator, Hamburg, 2019