Steroflex Assorted Stretch Fabric Plasters

As Low As £4.99

  • Quality branded fabric plasters in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Economic alternative to regular fabric plasters, with the same Steroplast quality
  • High specification fabric construction ensures excellent conforming properties
  • Zinc oxide adhesive provides excellent levels of adhesion
  • Superior levels of grip when compared to washproof plasters
  • Soft pad cushions wounds whilst allowing them to breathe
  • Each plaster is individually sterile wrapped for conveniance and patient safety
  • Assorted box contains: 40 x (7.5 × 2.5cm); 8 x (7.5 × 5cm); 32 x (6 × 2cm); 20 x (4 × 2cm); 4 x Fingertip