Wallace Cameron Critical Injury Pack

As Low As £80.95


The BS8599-1:2019 Critical Injury Pack includes a tourniquet and haemostatic dressings for use in high-risk environments

  • Contained in a water-resistant tear open pack to allow easy access in situations which require rapid response
  • Includes a tourniquet which is a constricting device used to control arterial and venous blood flow to a portion of an extremity for a period of time
  • The haemostatic dressing is a highly absorbent wound dressing. The dressing’s atraumatic properties mean that it doesn’t adhere to newly formed tissue, minimising discomfort upon removal and reducing the risk of injury to the recovering wound
  • Contains Tuff Cut Scissors which can cut through several layers of fabric at once. Designed to reduce the risk of injury when cutting bandages and clothing away from a casualty
  • Also contains a thermal foil blanket, ideal for retaining body heat in cold conditions and in the treatment of injury and shock patients
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