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Essential First Aid Refill Bundle

As Low As £91.99

Essential First Aid Refill Bundle

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As Low As £91.99
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HSE guidance states that ‘sufficient back up stocks’ should always be held on site.

Holding a central stock and topping up first aid containers around premises is a time and cost effective way to do this.

SAVE up to 20% on HSE and BS8599-1 compliant refill items and more, including best-selling instant ice packs.

  • Sufficient back up stocks of first aid to refill several first aid kits or cabinets and treat common injuries
  • HSE and BS8599-1 compliant refill items and more, including best-selling instant ice packs
  • An affordable and time-saving solution to ensure your essential first aid requirements are met
  • Quick and easy application to treat injuries and soothe pains helping to keep patients calm
  • Dressings to cushion wound areas to ease pain and protect against possible infection (burn dressings)
  • Mix of dressings sizes to fit contoured and jointed areas of the body
  • Support for minor strains and sprains
  • Prevent cross-contamination to protect the first aider with our easy application disposable gloves
  • Treatment for eye irritation and also wound washing with our compact Sterowash Pods
  • Instant ice packs (simple squeeze and shake activation) allow immediate application of cold therapy to treat muscle injuries, bruising and sprains as well as general aches and pains
  • Non-Woven Triangular Bandages are a first aid staple to be used for elevated slings, padding, immobilisation and splinting
  • Quick Fix Eye Bandages for rapid application in an emergency - no pins, no tapes, no knots (suitable for all ages)
  • Sterile Dressings - the statutory requirement for HSE compliant first aid kits. Highly absorbent wound pad cushions the wound area and protects against possible infection
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PMC11127 - Essential First Aid Refill Bundle

Description Essential First Aid Refill Bundle
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