Redcap™ Chemical Splash Station

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Redcap™ Chemical Splash Station

The Redcap™ Splash Station provides convenient storage and fast access to neutralising solutions in the event of acid or alkali splashes*

  • Contains Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solution which significantly reduces flushing time and volume of water needed to neutralise acid and alkaline splashes
  • Acid and alkalis must be quickly neutralised to a pH value equal to the normal level in the eye or on the skin
  • Quicker neutralisation, especially on the face, can relieve the distress of feeling ‘underwater’ from flushing
  • Central mirror makes application easy
  • Wipeable, hard-wearing ABS plastic with luminous printed instructions; effective for locating the station in low light conditions
  • Dustproof heavy-duty cover keeps contents clean
  • Contents: 2 x Redcap™ 500ml Eyewash Bottles, 5 x 20ml Eyewash Pods, 2 x Eye Pad Dressings, 1 x Mirror
  • *It is recommended to continue flushing with saline solution or water until medical help arrives