Biocidal Alcohol Free Wipes And Nitrile Gloves Kit

As Low As £4.95

Biocidal Alcohol Free Wipes And Nitrile Gloves Kit

Kit consists of one pack of biocidal alcohol free wipes and 20 disposable blue nitrile gloves

  • Biocidal wipes kill germs and viruses naturally leaving hands clean and sanitised
  • In testing, the active agent Benzalkonium Chloride killed viruses in 30 minutes when using 0.05% of the active agent, these wipes contain a higher 0.10%
  • Contain emollients and skin conditioners that leave hands feeling soft and smooth
  • Bacteriostatic wipe material prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Hands feel clean and fresh without the need for soap and water
  • Small packs of wipes are the ideal size to keep on your person, can be easily stored in your coat pocket, handbag or backpack
  • Disposable blue nitrile gloves are AQL 1.5 medical grade ensuring reliable protection
  • Gloves are powder free, minimising the risk of contamination
  • Latex free gloves are ideal for users with latex allergies
  • Kit contents: 10 x Biocidal Alcohol Free Wipes and 20 x Disposbale Blue Nitrile Gloves