BD Integra Syringes with Retracting Needles

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Data Sheet (PDF) Injection Guide (PDF)
Description How It Works

Retracting needle housed inside the syringe after activation, eliminating the potential for needlestick injury

  • Combines innovative technology with BD quality and comfort
  • Spring-based retracting syringe with a detachable needle - please note that Integra needles do not have the standard Luer connection
  • Low waste space (0.026 ml against conventional syringe dead space of 0.092 ml) meaning reduced medication waste
  • Activation of retracting needle before or after the needle is withdrawn from the patient
  • Needle is completely retracted into the syringe barrel to prevent needlestick injuries
  • Complete dosing of medication is ensured prior to activation ensures accuracy
  • Detachable needle allows clinicians the ability to change needles for filling and administration
  • Contain no latex

Please note that this product is not suitable to draw blood or for venipuncture