Stay COVID-Secure Do Not Share This Work Area Label

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Stay COVID-Secure Do Not Share This Work Area Label

Ideal for adding to drawers, desks, surfaces, doors and all common touch points to serve as regular reminders around critical touchpoints - they take up much less footprint than a full sign but are just as effective

  • An ideal means of clearly communicating essential safety information and demonstrating a commitment to creating premises that staff and visitors can use safely
  • Highly visible design with clear messaging presents vital information with visual impact to reinforce recommended protocols around workplaces
  • Ideal for display around all types of workplace - demonstrates a commitment to enforcing necessary hygiene practices to maintain a COVID-Secure environment
  • Significantly more professional in appearance than self-printed materials
  • Easy to apply - labels are suitable for application onto smooth and dry, non-porous surfaces

Please note that due to demand, this product may take 2-3 working days to arrive