Step N Pull® Hygienic Hands-Free Door Opener

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Studies have shown that up to 70% of people do not wash their hands properly after using the toilet, and 1 in 10 do not wash their hands at all. This means the fewer surfaces you can touch the better!

Step N Pull® is a simple, yet effective means of protecting those on your premises, by allowing them to easily open doors with their feet rather than hands.

  • Effective hand hygiene is the single most important means of helping to prevent the spread of germs and viruses
  • Flu viruses capable of being transferred to hands can survive on hard surfaces such as door handles for up to 24 hours
  • Step N Pull® is designed to eliminate the need to touch doors with your hands, thus reducing the chance of germs spreading between people
  • Any kind of footwear will work to open the door, as will walking sticks
  • To use, simply rest your foot over the serrated edge of the device and pull your foot back, this will open the door allowing you to walk through hands free
  • The metal plate with a serrated lip screws into the bottom of the door allowing a person to step on to it and easily pull the door open
  • Made of recycled 100% aluminium and with an anodised finished, Step N Pull® is environmentally friendly and built to last a lifetime
  • Easily fitted in as little as 5 minutes to both wooden and glass latchless doors
  • Suitable for children, adults and the elderly, Step N Pull®  is perfect if you already have your hands full
  • Step N Pull® meets fire safety regulations, meaning the integrity of your fire doors are maintained after installation
  • Supplied with a fixing bolt and screws, door sticker and an illustrated guide to your installation instructions - Click Here to see a copy of the instructions
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

Please note that this product is only suitable for latchless doors where no contact with door handles is required