Relipore Xtreme Adhesive Dressings

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Relipore Xtreme Adhesive Dressings
Relipore Xtreme Adhesive Dressings Relipore Xtreme Adhesive Dressings

For use on lacerations, minor burns, grazes and as a post-operative dressing

  • Relipore Xtreme uses an advanced wound contact layer that encourages fluid to pass from the surface through to the absorbent layer, but helps prevent it striking back through
  • Achieved by using a hi-tech hexagonal mesh that allows fluid to flow in one direction only
  • Fibres in the absorbent layer are arranged horizontally so that they encourage fluid to spread evenly across the full breadth of the pad
  • Retains fibre integrity when cut to size, thus maximising its flexibility
  • Absorbs up to 10 times their own weight
  • Flexible, breathable stretch fabric conforms to the body
  • Low-adherence technology
  • Sterile wrapped - pads are packaged in an easy to open pouch that can act as a sterile field for the dressing whilst a wound site is being prepared