Rider-Operated Lift Trucks, L117

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Rider-Operated Lift Trucks, L117

Rider-operated lift trucks guidance for operator training and safe use

  • This revised edition of L117 is aimed at employers and those responsible for the safe operation of lift trucks, as well as those in control of worksites, the self-employed, managers and supervisors
  • It includes an outline of the main legal requirements relating to lift trucks; the Approved Code of Practice text (unchanged from the previous edition) and guidance on operator training for stacking rider-operated lift trucks
  • It also includes some of the guidance from HSG6 Safety in working with lift trucks (and replaces HSG6), for example:
    • Information about lift truck features
    • Guidance on the safe use of lift trucks and how to protect pedestrians
    • Guidance on the maintenance and thorough examination of lift trucks